Dec. 31st, 2014

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Sybil's life is good. She's going to go back to school, the medical school this time, and study a specialisation in emergency medicine and nursing. That may lead to her studying surgical nursing, she will definitely take an introduction to it though. She is happy with Henri, and still working to get over some of her hangups from the 1920s. At some point I want to canon update her, but not until after they get engaged (Hint hint Becca ;p )

I need for her to reach out to her friends more often. I've been slack with that. Also another post or two at the hospital in the New Year.

She and Henri have booked a suite at Kagura for the holiday in order to have a romantic getaway. How wrong that will go!


This quote is so perfect right now. Juno's whole life is up in the air. She has her band starting (guys, I will get back to this in the New Year) and she's wondering why she ever when to Barton U. She's barely passed her classes and I think she's going to take a semester off, ask Eduardo if she can work full-time and work on her band.

She's just asked Eleanor to be her roommate, figuring they both need it. Besides, isn't part of life having housemates and fighting about dirty dishes and stuff? She has been forever without a date. She tried to ask Reggie out and that failed. She thinks Daphne is cute but doesn't really know what to do with that bit of information.

NYE Juno will be at the party and I do not know if she's going to get trapped. Open to suggestion. Possible Mistletoe


Talk about a young man filled with regrets. He's nearly 20 (erk, must figure that out) and in love with his girlfriend, and happy with his art course at Barton U. But he's pretty distraught that Katniss is gone. Mostly for the lost chance to patch up their friendship, and have a closeness they lost here in Darrow. There's a lot of could have and should have in his mind right now, but he's focusing on the people he does have as best he can. He's worried about Prim and will be worried about Effie too.

In the New Year I am still considering a canon update, but I might put that off for a few months.

NYE Unsure! Whatever Claudia is doing, Peeta will be there.


Also going through a hard time. Her best friend, Molokov, has vanished. Because of this there's going to be some trouble at the club in the New Year, as he was the one who paid all the bribes to the less than savoury gang folk. City council/Police bribes will continue to be paid by Kenya. Running the Filling Station as well will get overwhelming, and she'll need to find someone to take over the day to day management of it. She has a tentative something with Shikamaru, but is fairly closed off. She's attracted to Athos in the way a moth is attracted to a flame. She's ecstatic for Kate still, and happy Saffron is happy too.

I brought her from very close to the end of her canon. I think that she's going to start really missing Amanda soon, and possibly do something stupid. Maybe get in a fight with the gang folk and get beat up. But she'll have her revenge.

NYE Going to go to the party, possibly with Shikamaru (not that it will stop her flirting somewhat). May get trapped by mistletoe. May get trapped by the snow.


I love Mary so much, and she really does need to keep John in trouble, lest he get bored. She's encouraged him to keep a diary or blog of the events happening in the city. They'll soon discover that they may have fictional counterparts. And the lab that she works at is testing odd blood samples. I need to put my thoughts about that into a plot submission and send it to the mods, so if anyone wants to be involved, let me know.

In other news, she is slowing developing a few friends here which is good and needed. Evelyn will start walking soon, at about 10 months (mid-January).

NYE Will go to the party with John but go home early to let the babysitter go home.


I have a hard time talking about Elena without talking about Clayton too. Sorry Lexie! But they've just gotten married (on Christmas Eve) after ten years of on-again off-again and then the past two years together. Elena is pregnant, and will give birth to twins after only six months - but they'll be full term. Thank you canon for making her pregnancy a human/wolf hybrid. She's excited but full of trepidation as well. There's no record of there being another female wolf from her world, never mind two wolves breeding. She was also raised in foster care. But because of the accelerated pregnancy she will have to go on maternity leave sooner rather than later, or have some odd questions. Mindy is her Doctor and her thread with Danny finding out is giving me such joy.

She's trying to surround herself with wolves (and a coyote and a witch), making a sort of ragtag pack, even though none of them necessarily need or want an alpha. But they're the closest thing to pack here, and she misses that.

NYE HECK NO. Staying home with Clayton.


Loving this Christmas break from his home schooling by Combeferre. I was sick, so didn't put up the gathering post for the soup kitchen on Christmas Eve. I may do that at the end of January or something.

Has recently received his Elephant, and will be spending the occasional night up there. Needs to meet Lisbeth and follow her around the amusement park and ask how everything works. Is endlessly curious. Has some of the oddest friends, like the Musketeers. Porthos is teaching him how to fight. Needs to meet Arya (and so many others). During the summer I think he's going to be a page at the council chambers.

NYE At Aggie's sleepover. Will be SO UPSET he is not trapped on the mountain and try to find his way up.


LOOK I COULDN'T RESIST, okay? But he is shiny and new. He's thrilled to have Claire back (we're playing that out) and happy to have found something that resembles a Fraser plaid here. He'll get to be a father (though the pregnancy will likely still be difficult). He's not going to want to stay in the city for very long, will want to build or find a house in the country, and will do his best to convince Claire of that.

He will be interested to learn of the politics in this place, and about any discrimination against outlanders. (see what I did there?) At first he may put his experience as a wine merchant to use, and work somewhere that involves that and/or whisky.

NYE Staying home with Claire to celebrate Hogmanay and be with his wife.


Sometime in January -

Thea Queen, the best enemy sister the arrowa brother could hope for.

I realise I made a mistake with Henry. But I'm not giving up. I'll be back in the New Year with someone new. Hint?

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