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Toshiko Sato
There was a brief while that I was unsure of what to do with Tosh. A combo of the Christmas Tree post and plotting with Angel makes me realise that she has plot a plenty. The thing she does need is friends. But it makes sense that it took her so long. She's always been wrapped up in her work. They're going to undertake both moving and expanding Torchwood soon and that's amazing. She'll be getting her item and trying to use that to hunt down whomever screwed with her memory.

NYE: She won't go out initially, but will go out to catch a bee

Sybil Crawley
Oh, my delight, my darling. Sybil is my sweetheart, and every season of Downton makes me desperate for more canon mates. Edith and how she's grown, Mary and her confidence, the Dowager Countess... I will do nearly anything to gain anyone from canon in Darrow.

As to Sybil, she's adjusting to modern life. In fact, after nearly two years in Darrow, she's invited Henri back to hers on Christmas Eve, and only time will tell how this ends. It's a difficult thing for her. She still strongly believes that there are things that one doesn't do until they're wed, but then, this world is so very different than her own. She has another semester at school and she'll be a nurse, rather than a nurse's aide. She looks forward to that.

Bees: She will likely be having a quiet NYE with Henri and get called into the hospital. You may be treated by her

Rebekah Mikaelson
Rebekah is delighted by her relationship with Jesse, and yet terrified that someone might hurt him to get to her. Her relationship with Elijah is good, but she is till is trying to win over Hayley, or she feels she is. She needs more threads with her friends. They make her feel normal. However, Jesse getting kidnapped by a fan will turn her into hardcore crazy vamp girl.

Bees: Will be out briefly for NYE and will give Jesse her blood to heal him. Open to other drama.

Juno Macguff
Wow. Her story has taken a turn I never expected but that I love. She's desperate to finish her last semester of high school, and yet she's still not thought beyond that. One semester at a time. She's starting a band, she's working part time, and she's really seriously not thinking about Jamie. Because that would be hard. She's spending her time with her friends, and missing home fiercely.

NYE: She'll be there but flee from the bees.

Tara Maclay
Here are my worries, and the only pup I'm considering letting go. I just don't feel like I have her voice right. I feel like she's too tentative and shy. I like I'm lost sometimes when I play her. I will give it a rewatch, but I'm not sure what's up, and if I might let her go.

Peeta Mellark
I was drifting with Peeta, and then Catching Fire came out. I am sure how I've had him since then is right and my earlier ambiguity is gone. There's plot, there's so much plot coming up for all the hunger games pups. More importantly is the fact that he and Katniss are now friends (thank you Capitol) but now Claudia is important to him too, in a way he never thought he'd be ready for.

Bees: Unsure. The THG pups (I think) will exchange gifts on NYE, which may preclude that.

Sloan Sabbith

Dear everything that is holy that makes her so loud? I love Sloan. I love that she is so freaking frustrated at being stuck in a place where economics don't make sense and Don doesn't remember that they kissed. She needs to make friends (other than Newt who I think is her bff really), to get out and do things. Applications open.

Bees: She will report on NYE and when the bees come out she and Don will seek shelter and IN MY WORLD they will kiss and it will be confusing.

Kenya Rosewater
Who knew she'd be so fun? She and Molokov have great plans, and she is going to blackmail her way into a club with Anton. She's fun to play and different than my other pups. She has a darker side that hasn't had to come out yet. Mostly she's taking things as they come, and pretty okay at being in Darrow.

But by god does she miss Amanda.

Bees: Unsure. She will be out NYE but I"m not sure how I feel generally.

The Future
I have a number of people fighting it out in my head. A young Donald Maclean (for less broken) or maybe Kim Philby. Then there's Oliver Queen from Arrow, that voice that came from nowhere. I only have two to three more spaces. Margene Heffman is still up there. Jo Harvelle who I'd love to play again, but could be complicated.
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