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It's been a week of awesome mail. No, really, it has been! Some of it stuff that I was expecting, and some birthday gifts and surprises.

For one, I got a Headstones cd from [ profile] ivysmom! I am LOVING IT. I'm so jealous because she was able to go see them recently. Of course, she also has to deal with snow, so what can you do? Maybe it's a trade off?

Then there was the AMAZING package from [ profile] elyssadc which included a K-9 Cross-stitch, Wonder Woman makeup, a bracelet from Mexico and a stuffed penguin she made.

And finally, there was something I ordered and totally forgot about. The extremely talented Deri makes these gorgeous dolls. I ordered a Xena and a Gabrielle doll off of her and they arrived. Now here's the thing... They're brilliantly detailed but they're all of 8 cms high. Seriously, they're TINY! I'm going to take them all over the place and take photos of them EVERYWHERE! They are that awesome! For scale? This is them next to my glasses case.

And if you're interested in history, check out her Tudor History in five minutes which has all the Henry VIII and his wives.

LOVE THIS WEEK! (for the mail that is)

CRAZY COSPLAY WEEKEND COMING UP! WOOHOO!!!! My costumes are coming together, thankfully. YAY! Can't wait to show them off and get some pics.

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