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I really never use this thing, do I?

This isn't a me update, but an RPG update for Darrow, aka the City, which you should all look into.

I've taken the last month off. I needed it, and I am so damn happy I'm in a game where that is not only allowed, but that needing that time was appreciated and accepted. So I'm doing a state of the pups to get back into the headspace.

Toshiko Sato: Tosh was likely the worst to leave where she was. She's just been retconned, gone a month without memory and then gotten her memory back.

That being said - Tosh is the pup in some ways I've been neglecting. I've had story and plot for her, so haven't been getting her out there as I should. That's definitely a goal now. Jack being in the city is another interesting thing, and her ongoing relationship/friendship/something with Owen is, well, complicated. Needs exploring more too.

Will be hunting down furbies and the phenomenon

Sybil Crawley: Sybil has neen in the city for about a year now. She's been stuying to be a modern nurse, working as a nurses aide and is making friends. She's been spurned by someone she cares about (though they've worked it out to be friends) and is cautious now. Thomas arriving in the city has added an interesting aspect, and she needs to sit and talk to him soon.

That being said, Sybil will be getting a canon update within the next few months. To a rther traumatic moment in her life, or damn close to it. I will say no more for fear of spoilers.

Lady Sif: Sif is actually awesome. She has friends, a purpose, a job. She has a not-relationship with Elijah which she will end when she realises his interest in Elena, but until then it suits her purposes. He has a sense of honour that she respects. She loves training women in defense. She's good.

Rory Williams: I will admit to having a couple issues with Rory. He's missing Amy fiercely and feels that he needs to get out there and find his wife and their baby. But he has friends here and feels a connection with Flynn and Jim especially. But I need to work with him a bit more. More stuff at the hospital (though I'm in no way a nurse) and with his friends. Awkward poker night??

Giving him a furby.

Rebekah Mikaelson: So then there was the pup I picked up on a bit of a whim. And I adore her. I love getting to be bitchy, and her insecurity that underlies it. I love her tentative efforts to make real connections and friendships without knowing how to trust. She's going to have to sit Elijah down and have words and she REALLY wants to talk to Elena again and tell her to stay away from her brother. And to Damon and ask him why he can't control her. Etc, etc.

Juno MacGuff: Another pup it was bad to leave at the time. She's just given up her baby, and whilst she's cool with that it's weird here in Darrow. She's friends with Katie and that makes it strange. She just got a guitar and thanks to the plottery that guitar will go missing. Which will be my first post back as she got shortchanged in the purchasing post.

She's going to have a bit of a 'go wild' time, only she's not going to go that wild. One bad bout with booze and all the vomiting and it'll turn her off that. But doing other things people might think are crazy, in part cause Paulie isn't here in Darrow. But then she was the girl who took her clothes off and danced in a fountain, though we blame the ritalin for that!

Tara Maclay: Tara has adjusted to being here in Darrow, and she's getting used to other kinds of magic and using it again. She's getting used to being dead. She made the daylight ring for Elena, and is now watching the girl carefully. Tara's made a couple friends, including Fred who she feels a connection through via their mutual world. She's working at the college library, and enjoys it. I like where she's going right now and the conflict she feels sometimes.

Peeta Mellark: Okay. Laine kills me in the best ways. Peeta and Katniss are complicated. Peeta has a job working as a cake decorator which is a bit difficult sometimes, but he's suited to it. He's been buying paint and canvas, and he has the third room in the little house he has turned into a studio almost. The other room is still saved for Haymitch. Just in case.

Richard Riddick: Too new to have anything other than a wariness for everyone and everything. He'll have been out in the night mostly, and he'll have been watching Carolyn.

See also, getting a furby. And an massive furby attack.

Okay! There's a post I'll put up tomorrow for Juno. If anyone wants threads from mine, please let me know!
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