Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:58 am
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Now that the authors have been revealed, I can say what I've written!

First, my assignment. Written for [livejournal.com profile] penknife I loved her prompts. I'd never written in this fandom before, and I have to say that it's given me about 16 other ideas that MUST BE WRITTEN. I have a list >.>
All things do lead to Rome
Fandom: Diana Gabaldon - Lord John Grey series
Rating: R
Summary: Percy's life had begin again in Rome, yet he still hoped for one from the past to make an appearance. Sometimes one's hopes are fulfilled, even after you give up on them.

Then my Pinch-hit. I took this as it intrigued me. It was much harder to write than I'd expected, but I did enjoy it.
There is always talk
Recipient: Bethos
Fandom: Steven Brust - Dragaeran Universe
Summary: A conversation with Pel, Tazendra, Aliera and Morrolan
Rating: G

Finally my three stocking stuffers. All very fun, and again things I'd never strictly written. I RP a character from Robin Hood (UK), and one from Cambridge Spies, and love both immensely (even if I still hate the BBC today).

Two men get tied to a tree. Wait, no.
Recipient: arllama
Fandom: Robin Hood UK (tv)
Rating: G
Summary: What would happen if Guy and Robin were forced to spend some time together?

Not Always Everything
Recipient: blamebrampton
Fandom: Robin Hood UK (tv)
Rating: G
Summary: In the end there are things that never change.

Six Degrees
Recipient: hammerxsword
Fandom: Cambridge Spies
Rating: R
Summary: A Guy/Anthony fic the only way I could see it.
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Oh c'mon, you knew it would happen

Not a Cat Person Brilliant Granny Weatherwax.
What about the fire? A Granny/Ridcully What if.
Home for the Holidays A slightly poignant Death story
Beginnings Death after Susan's birth.
Susan Sto-Helit's Day off A short and amusing look at time off for Susan. Worth it for the footnotes alone

Watership Down
Bright Moon Who Goes Farther Still.
Blackavar's Warning.
I love this book (and the movie) and these two stories just seemed right to me.

The Time Traveler's Wife
If I should fall behind. Claire. Brilliant
La Primavera. Henry and Alba.

Dead Like Me
The Long Haul. A really good Rube and Roxy story.

Guard and Gardening. Oh the dialogue is so spot on it's just brilliant!

Lord John Grey
Aid and Comfort. Hal caring for john after Hector's death

Paris in the Snow. Claire and Jamie. Sweet.

Dresden Files (tv)
Auld Lang Syne. I really think they have this pretty much perfect voice-wise.

Life By Accident
Other Jungles
One Bigby POV one Mowgli. Both great.

All for tonight. Now I go to bed
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It's boxing day and I just re-read my yuletide fic.

8000 very lovely words on Cambridge Spies and it is R but not necessarily for the reasons you might think. It's rather beautiful actually, and tragic.

I've gotten comments on two of my fics, and only one from the person I wrote for :)

And oh, I have recs already

The Last Rites of Wednesday Addams - Addams Family PG-13

The Eagle Conspiracy Thursday Next - Thursday Next working to save the Lord of the Rings

Intruder Alert Thurssday Next - Short sweet and a bit silly, but I enjoyed it.

Clever Robin Hood UK. The voices on this are so utterly perfect it amazed me!
A Man of middling morals An Alan pov and it works. Lovely.

Ablaze Roswell - Michael/Liz post high school

The Anarchic Cause of Snow Slings & Arrows

Three Bon Cop Bad Cop stories
Bonne Chance
Plus ca change NC-17
An incident of Cancon

Blue Screen of Death Discworld, The Death of a Computer. This made me flail. Srsly.

Nostalgia A Black Adder goes fourth story with spot on dialogue.
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First of all, never make your Yuletide requests post drinking. You'll discover to your horror later that your spelling and use of grammar can be referred to as interpretive, at best.

Sorry for that.

Dear Yuletide Writer )

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