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Spending the evening watching more West Wing and reading linguistics blogs. Much better than last night which was spent trawling my way through West Wing and NCIS fic, the majority of which was DREADFUL. TOTALLY DREADFUL.

All the fic really made me do was wonder if these people had ever seen The West Wing OR NCIS. Oh, there was an NCIS/West Wing crossover in which Gibbs and CJ briefly dated (and yes, it was set post season 4). It's what started the reading of NCIS fic. [ profile] andrealyn started the reading of the West Wing fic. With her fic. WHICH IS GOOD.

Seven things that should never happen in a West Wing fic and Five things that should never happen in an NCIS fic. Hell, let's just make it a list of things that should never happen in fic, sometimes specific to these areas, sometimes not )

Now onto the topic of Linguistics blogs

The Language Log is a long time fave, especially this entry about Dan Brown as well as this one about about speakers s hearers, or a more recent response dealing with the assertion that feminist ideologues are ruining english. It runs the gamut of the academic to the everyday, the esoteric to the accessible. Often quite amusing, almost always very intelligent, there are a number of contributors, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Evolving English a blog about the evolution of our language. Now, you will likely discover that for all of my quirks I am not a language prescriptive. In fact, they drive me mad. I have grammatical and linguistic pet peeves, as does everyone, but I acknowledge that language shift is an ongoing process. I delight the study of it, even if sometimes some of the shifts make me want to hurt things. This post on corporate speak is interesting, as is the discussion about biscuit and cookie in BrEng

Linguistic Anthropology. My baby, my field of study. How I love thee and how I wish to go back to school for thee.

John Wells daily phonetics blog. Brilliant brilliant man. Don't always agree with him, but wow. Emeritus phonetics professor at University College London and whilst he's one of the 'old guard' of linguistics in some sense, you never could tell by how he writes. I love reading him, even if his simplified spelling ideas sometimes send me around the bend.

Lingformant which gathers linguistics articles and gives synopses of them.

Motivated Grammar. Claiming to be a fiercely anti-prescriptive blog, this amuses me, as he is a bit of a prescriptive himself. An amusing an interesting one though, so I'll forgive him. His discussion of further and farther is neat.

There are a few more I read, but these are some of the more consistent ones. I really don't know if anyone other than [ profile] frogmajick and myself is going to care, but hey, I'm here, and it's my blog, and if I want to tell you about linguistic blogs, I will.

Now to bed, seeing as this post has taken me most of the night to type.

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