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It's that time, so I can finally say what I wrote for Yuletide!

Almost an Avenger - Hawkeye - The further adventures of Kate Bishop, Girl Detective and her loyal pup Lucky.

Games - The Originals - Elijah/Rebekah/Klaus historical porn. Adult :)

Safe Places - Orphan Black - Sarah, Felix and Kira. Post series with flashbacks.

Adjustment Period - Sarah Connor Chronicles - John Connor, Derek Reese, Kyle Reese. John tries to adjust to life in the future (post-series)
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I cannot believe I haven't done this already.

First of all, there's my lovely gift.
The Ugly Sister, or, How Edith Learned Not to Believe in Fairy Tales

Fandom: Downton Abbey
It's 1200 words of Edith getting a bit of a happy ending of her own. Warning: Spoilers for Season three. I asked for a story that featured any of the sisters, so I am entirely happy with this.

Then onto what I wrote. It was a bit of a mad year. I picked up a number of pinch hits, and then wrote two treats as well.

Let's start with my favourites (though I do like them all) and work down to the truly crack-like:

The Purple Dragon Says: Shop Smart, Shop Mal-Mart
Fandom: Disney Princesses/Fairy Tales and related Fandoms
The request said Disney princesses were okay, and that she wanted lesbians, and would love a supermarket-AU. I delivered a story about Belle and Mulan working for Maleficent's chain of superstores, 'Mal-Mart'.

Thunder Road
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
The request was for Lyla/Tyra, and suggested the song Thunder Road as inspiration. I went with it and sent these two girls on a cross-America road trip. They're two of my favourite characters from one of my all-time favourite shows, and it was awesome to get to write them.

The History Girls
Fandom: The History Boys
What if the History Boys and everyone in their lives were girls? This is Posner's perspective.

Leopards Never Change Their Spots
Fandom: Downton Abbey
A story about Violet and Martha and their many encounters. Spoilers for S3

Stranger Things
Fandom: Lost Girl
Lauren and Dyson take matters into their own hands where Bo is concerned. Adult.

Is There A Santa Claus?
Fandom: Lost Girl
Chatting with my Beta made me want to explore the idea of Santa Claus. Does he exist and is he light or dark fae? Poor Kenzi still doesn't have a good answer.

And the truly crack-riffic:

Settler Blue has a Supermarket
Fandom: Settlers of Catan
The same person who requested the Disney fic had a Settlers of Catan request. So I wrote an anthropomorphized Supermarket-AU for it. AS YOU DO. I do still need to fix a couple edit issues on this one as it was uploaded with seconds to go.

AS PER USUAL! A huge thank you to all my betas who helped these become much better stories, and to yuletide IRC and for cheering me on in those last hours. :)

That is my Yuletide round up. I think I want to explore the Disney story more, and write a series of them (Unions! Labour issues! Overthrowing the evil queen of retail!) so I probably will. You know, in all my free time.
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Also blame [ profile] silensy. I mentioned Becker and ponies and writing fic, she got excited, threw in Rex, and well... This is what we got. I couldn't manage to get Becker on the ponies, but who knows. There may be more later...

524 words, Becker and Connor, Primeval (totally gen). Pre end of Season 3.

Of all the places that Connor expected to have an anomaly open, inside Abby and his apartment wasn't one of them. He expected ponies to come running out of it even less. Already they were making a mess of things, stampeding around the small space.

He was sure of one thing. His fault or not, Abby was going to kill him.
Read more... )
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Yuletide recs! Just a few as I'm off watching Doctor Who and the archive is being patching.

I'll get to tv later, with the exception of my gift fic. This is comics, books and movies. :D

First there's my gift:
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Warehouse 13, it's a Claudia-centric adventure, and it's absolutely perfect. Pete and Claudia are sent to investigate a ghost town, and things turn out- Well, just as you'd expect them. Well crafted story, great character voices and a lot of fun.


Turnabout - Birds of Prey/Secret Six. Helena Bertinelli and Thomas Blake. What more could I ask for? NOT MUCH, I tell you!

Of Shopping, Sleuths and Sharpies. Batgirl - a Steph and Wendy story with a bit of Nick that is just fun. A very good read, it captures Steph very well.

The Alot, The Tuit, Mrs. Gradgrind, Sophie and Me, Allie Hyperbole and a Half. Really, really awesome. I want to see this illustrated. LONG LIVE THE ALOT AND TUIT!

Relative Terms (or, Not Exactly Christmas Elves) Young Avengers. Christmas gifts gone wrong. A very sweet and very amusing Teddy and Billy story that features the others as well.

Ramona's Law of Reciprocal Actions. Or Ramona Quimby Age 17. It's awesome. Go read it. The writer's canon knowledge is amazing as is the story.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Science Fiction. Girl with the Silver eyes was a book I adored as a kid. I read it over and over. This story of the kids in a normal school is a lot of fun.

On Dover Beach History Boys (Adult). I have a huge soft spot for Dakin and Scripps. I love this story from Scripps' pov and I love that Dakin is still just as much a brat and not softened up for this fic.

Shadows History Boys. This is a lovely Dorothy Lintott and Scripps story set post movie. Really worth the read.

Bonnie Without Clyde Fast and Furious. Tells the story of how Brian and Letty came to work together in the fourth movie.
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297 word fliclet, adult, Jack/Ianto for [ profile] treacle_tartlet and inspired by GDL's comments this weekend that Ianto is the top.

Some of us have to sleep, you realise )


Jan. 2nd, 2010 10:30 pm
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Now that Yuletide has been revealed I can say which stories I wrote!

My original story for slowascent:
The True Memoirs of Anthony Blunt.
Cambridge Spies
Anthony Blunt, Guy Burgess (with mentions of Julian Bell)
PG/Gen, 2307 words
I loved this prompt. She wanted Anthony and Guy, and as I have a hard time slashing them, I wrote a gen-recollection. Inspired partially by her dear author letter and her love of the sin of pride, and in part by the actual -- rather apologist -- memoirs of Anthony's that were made public earlier this past year. I couldn't have done it without [ profile] misspeacock and [ profile] moonlight69 who were brilliant betas and helped me with the worst of my bad habits.

Whilst I didn't pick up a pinch-hit this year (first time!) I did decide to write two more stories for people who's original writers defaulted.

Will Zimmerman, Henry Foss
PG/Gen, 1642 words
I agree with many that Sanctuary doesn't get near enough fandom love. This is a piece set after the events of 2.03, just the two guys trying to deal with what's happened, and not particularly well. I couldn't have done this without the encouragement of Ames and the #Yuletide chat.

Only Just Ordinary
Nikola Tesla, Helen Magnus
PG/Gen with hints of something else, 1640 words
When Ames came up on the Yuletide Pinch Hit list I HAD to do this, even though it wasn't assigned to me. Flashing from the past to the present it shows Nikola and Helen's relationship, something that has always intrigued me, and apparently Ames as well. Unbetad because it was minutes before the archive closed.

So there we go. My fic writing adventures in Yuletide this past year.

I did join [ profile] getyourwordsout in order to try and encourage myself to write more in the next year. Woohoo!


Jan. 1st, 2010 12:07 pm
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Title: Life Flashes
Fandom: Spooks
Rating: G
Word Count: 1102
Characters: Jo Portman, Adam Carter, Ros Myers, Zaf Younis
Written For [ profile] fenna_girl
Notes: Spoilers through season 8. References to character death. Thank you Viv for the beta.

Don't you have somewhere to be? )
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Zai, I meant to write this for Christmas Day. In fact, I started it, but it got put aside in Yuletide madness.

Merry Christmas. Sorry it's late

Charlie and Ianto ficlet )
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First of all I have to link to Two Boys the Berlin by Christmas fic that [ profile] agapeflower117 wrote for me. Just amazing, really it is. Bill and Babe friends-fic and exactly what I'd wanted. In fact more than I had hoped for.

Then, there's posting the fic I wrote. I fail at titles, so it has none.

PROMPT: Joe/Bill
WRITTEN FOR: [ profile] pouiksyland for [ profile] bbc_exchange
GENRE: Het fic
PAIRING: Joe/Bill centric

Ain't you gonna get up and dance... )
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Spending the evening watching more West Wing and reading linguistics blogs. Much better than last night which was spent trawling my way through West Wing and NCIS fic, the majority of which was DREADFUL. TOTALLY DREADFUL.

All the fic really made me do was wonder if these people had ever seen The West Wing OR NCIS. Oh, there was an NCIS/West Wing crossover in which Gibbs and CJ briefly dated (and yes, it was set post season 4). It's what started the reading of NCIS fic. [ profile] andrealyn started the reading of the West Wing fic. With her fic. WHICH IS GOOD.

Seven things that should never happen in a West Wing fic and Five things that should never happen in an NCIS fic. Hell, let's just make it a list of things that should never happen in fic, sometimes specific to these areas, sometimes not )

Now onto the topic of Linguistics blogs

The Language Log is a long time fave, especially this entry about Dan Brown as well as this one about about speakers s hearers, or a more recent response dealing with the assertion that feminist ideologues are ruining english. It runs the gamut of the academic to the everyday, the esoteric to the accessible. Often quite amusing, almost always very intelligent, there are a number of contributors, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Evolving English a blog about the evolution of our language. Now, you will likely discover that for all of my quirks I am not a language prescriptive. In fact, they drive me mad. I have grammatical and linguistic pet peeves, as does everyone, but I acknowledge that language shift is an ongoing process. I delight the study of it, even if sometimes some of the shifts make me want to hurt things. This post on corporate speak is interesting, as is the discussion about biscuit and cookie in BrEng

Linguistic Anthropology. My baby, my field of study. How I love thee and how I wish to go back to school for thee.

John Wells daily phonetics blog. Brilliant brilliant man. Don't always agree with him, but wow. Emeritus phonetics professor at University College London and whilst he's one of the 'old guard' of linguistics in some sense, you never could tell by how he writes. I love reading him, even if his simplified spelling ideas sometimes send me around the bend.

Lingformant which gathers linguistics articles and gives synopses of them.

Motivated Grammar. Claiming to be a fiercely anti-prescriptive blog, this amuses me, as he is a bit of a prescriptive himself. An amusing an interesting one though, so I'll forgive him. His discussion of further and farther is neat.

There are a few more I read, but these are some of the more consistent ones. I really don't know if anyone other than [ profile] frogmajick and myself is going to care, but hey, I'm here, and it's my blog, and if I want to tell you about linguistic blogs, I will.

Now to bed, seeing as this post has taken me most of the night to type.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 10:58 am
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Now that the authors have been revealed, I can say what I've written!

First, my assignment. Written for [ profile] penknife I loved her prompts. I'd never written in this fandom before, and I have to say that it's given me about 16 other ideas that MUST BE WRITTEN. I have a list >.>
All things do lead to Rome
Fandom: Diana Gabaldon - Lord John Grey series
Rating: R
Summary: Percy's life had begin again in Rome, yet he still hoped for one from the past to make an appearance. Sometimes one's hopes are fulfilled, even after you give up on them.

Then my Pinch-hit. I took this as it intrigued me. It was much harder to write than I'd expected, but I did enjoy it.
There is always talk
Recipient: Bethos
Fandom: Steven Brust - Dragaeran Universe
Summary: A conversation with Pel, Tazendra, Aliera and Morrolan
Rating: G

Finally my three stocking stuffers. All very fun, and again things I'd never strictly written. I RP a character from Robin Hood (UK), and one from Cambridge Spies, and love both immensely (even if I still hate the BBC today).

Two men get tied to a tree. Wait, no.
Recipient: arllama
Fandom: Robin Hood UK (tv)
Rating: G
Summary: What would happen if Guy and Robin were forced to spend some time together?

Not Always Everything
Recipient: blamebrampton
Fandom: Robin Hood UK (tv)
Rating: G
Summary: In the end there are things that never change.

Six Degrees
Recipient: hammerxsword
Fandom: Cambridge Spies
Rating: R
Summary: A Guy/Anthony fic the only way I could see it.
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Have tomorrow off work, heading down to Melbourne for the weekend with J. It should be fun, have some stuff planned (AQUARIUM! PIXAR! FRIENDS AND FOOD!) and some lazy planned. Good combo of.

I only have 5 days left at this job. *sads* I'll miss it when I go.

Start the new job on Aug 6

Handing in an application for a new place to live tomorrow morning before we leave for the airport.

I wrote a Heroes/SGA crossover fic for a challenge. Finally [ profile] technosage you got me to do one! :)

Have lots to do in the morning. Pack, drop off app, mail contract back to Telstra, make it to ariport for 9:20. We can do it. Really we can.

One month today and I'll be getting back on a plane to come back to Australia. Wow. And I haven't even left yet.

That is all. Am tired and off to bed.
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Okay, complete fandom stuff, not fandom-like at all.

Part of an in game meme had us writing backstory drabbles for each other. I'm posting what I wrote here, mostly for my own record.

For Buffy )
For Mark (RENT) )
For Roger (RENT) )
For Violet Baudelaire )
For O-Ren Ishii )
For Elphaba Thropp )
For Ianto )
For Spike )
For Tonks )
For Jack, Harkness that is )
For Claire Bennett )
For Sam and Sybil Vimes )
For Rodney and Shep )
For Dr Carson Beckett )
For Bridget Jones )

Wow. I didn't realise I'd written quite so many...
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Okay, so it's just a drabble, but it's something.
From here, the challenge from [personal profile] ishara was "what Kitty thinks of Emma in a hundred words"

It's 122 words, and set about the time of Whedon's Astonishing #1

Not only did I write something, but I'm actually posting it. I must be going batty. )
I'm not all that happy with it, but considering i've written all of nothing since, well, I left FT, it'll do.

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