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So, I'm going to three big conventions this year, and need to focus my costume making for them. I have two things being made for me, one of which I need to make a bunch of props for, and one I do not. I believe I have time to make three things, POSSIBLY four without pushing myself. I have a few commission like things to finish (plushies and one tunic with embroidery) that I have to finish first before working on any of this. So... Time to figure out what I want to do and what's important.

I also may need help making some decisions.My many ideas are here

So the two things I have being made are Medusa and Huntress. Medusa will be pretty much good to go, I have the boots, I need to do some wig surgery, but the outfit as I get it is wearable. Huntress needs more work. I need to source/make a crossbow, a belt with pouches, thigh holster and mask, and find and likely COVER boots (plus kneepads). That being said, there is a limited amount of work to be done on these two, and Medusa most definitely will make it out at these two events. To be honest, Huntress will likely be put away and come out at Melbourne Armageddon in October.

I am DEFINITELY doing a steampunk Alice. Inspirations as follows:

Then there's the to make/inspirations:

more ideas here )

So here's the poll. Would love to hear things in comments too! <3

Poll #9831 Cosplay ideas
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What should I cosplay at FE/DC - pick 3!

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Effie Trinket, Hunger Games
4 (80.0%)

Ivy, Parasol Protectorate
4 (80.0%)

Edith, Downton Abbey
0 (0.0%)

Lavinia, Downton Abbey
0 (0.0%)

Snow White, OUAT
4 (80.0%)

Evil Queen, OUAT
0 (0.0%)

Endor Leia
1 (20.0%)

Lady Mechanika
1 (20.0%)

Scandal Savage
1 (20.0%)

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