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Alright all. I audition for a baking show on Sunday. The cake I was going to make and had my heart set on is good, but it's not GREAT. So I found a list of cakes all within my skill range all of the sort I have made before. I am leaning toward a couple (the top three actually) and a bit stuck.

Things to remember:
We bake at home and bring in the baking to the audition.
There are no facilities for refrigeration/heating.
We will have time to plate and things there.
It should be individual. I have picked these things because they are all pumkin based, brown sugar based or the peanut butter/chocolate. These are three of my favourite things to bake with, and here in Oz Pumpkin isn't really a sweet (it's a savoury/vegetable), peanut butter/chocolate isn't the MASSIVE thing that it is in North America and brown sugar is pretty much like blood to french canadians.

So, 18 hours to vote, tomorrow is BAKING DAY ALL DAY LONG! I only have time to make at most two, and I would love some feedback.

The list of things I’m thinking of making. In some sort of order of my preference:

Apple Cider cake with pumpkin seed brittle (am considering making pumpkin spice cake with apple cider sauce)\

Chocolate Peanut butter cake (I would layer it)

I think If I made any of these three cakes below I would make the pumpkin seed brittle to go with. I think If I make the one above, peanut brittle on the top would make it insane.

Dulce de Leche Vanilla cake

Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake

Brown Butter Pumpkin Layer cake

Layered Pumpkin Pie 1 (I would make the pastry)

Layered pumpkin pie 2

Poll #11592 What should I make???
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First Choice

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Apple Cider Cake w/ pumpkin seed brittle
3 (42.9%)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake
0 (0.0%)

Dulce De Leche Vanilla Cake
2 (28.6%)

Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake
0 (0.0%)

Brown butter Pumpkin layer cake
2 (28.6%)

Layered pie 1
0 (0.0%)

Layered pie 2
0 (0.0%)

If I make one of the other cakes should I make some sort of brittle to go with?

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6 (100.0%)

0 (0.0%)

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So, I'm going to three big conventions this year, and need to focus my costume making for them. I have two things being made for me, one of which I need to make a bunch of props for, and one I do not. I believe I have time to make three things, POSSIBLY four without pushing myself. I have a few commission like things to finish (plushies and one tunic with embroidery) that I have to finish first before working on any of this. So... Time to figure out what I want to do and what's important.

I also may need help making some decisions.My many ideas are here

So the two things I have being made are Medusa and Huntress. Medusa will be pretty much good to go, I have the boots, I need to do some wig surgery, but the outfit as I get it is wearable. Huntress needs more work. I need to source/make a crossbow, a belt with pouches, thigh holster and mask, and find and likely COVER boots (plus kneepads). That being said, there is a limited amount of work to be done on these two, and Medusa most definitely will make it out at these two events. To be honest, Huntress will likely be put away and come out at Melbourne Armageddon in October.

I am DEFINITELY doing a steampunk Alice. Inspirations as follows:

Then there's the to make/inspirations:

more ideas here )

So here's the poll. Would love to hear things in comments too! <3

Poll #9831 Cosplay ideas
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What should I cosplay at FE/DC - pick 3!

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Effie Trinket, Hunger Games
4 (80.0%)

Ivy, Parasol Protectorate
4 (80.0%)

Edith, Downton Abbey
0 (0.0%)

Lavinia, Downton Abbey
0 (0.0%)

Snow White, OUAT
4 (80.0%)

Evil Queen, OUAT
0 (0.0%)

Endor Leia
1 (20.0%)

Lady Mechanika
1 (20.0%)

Scandal Savage
1 (20.0%)

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So, I'm making a heap of food for my Alice themed party in just over a week. I want some input into what I should make, so here is a poll.

Pick things. Help me decide. YAY!

Poll #9246 Party food!
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Check 3 boxes - SAVORY

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Fritatta lollypops
2 (20.0%)

Coconut prawn lollypops
4 (40.0%)

Meatloaf cupcakes
2 (20.0%)

Lasagne cupcakes
4 (40.0%)

Cheddar pinwheels
3 (30.0%)

Chorizo pops (corn dogs)
2 (20.0%)

Cauliflower popcorn
2 (20.0%)

mini tacos
4 (40.0%)

mini burgers
2 (20.0%)

meatballs of various sorts
1 (10.0%)

pizza on a stick
2 (20.0%)

mac and cheese muffins
5 (50.0%)

Check 3 boxes - SWEET

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Fruit sushi
6 (54.5%)

Candy sushi
2 (18.2%)

Pies on sticks
3 (27.3%)

Fake (angel cake) french fries
2 (18.2%)

MIni cheesecakes
5 (45.5%)

Mushroom cakes
3 (27.3%)

Fairy bread in shapes
8 (72.7%)

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Between Christmas sneaking up on my like a stealth bomber and a serious case of the brokes, I didn't send out cards. That makes me sad, cause I LOVE sending mail almost as much as I love getting mail. So I'm going to ask you to all fill out this poll. Next year, I'll randomly send things out. Postcards, cards, jewelry, other crafty things I make, mix cds, whatever.

Yay random happy in the mailbox all year long!

[Poll #1654077]
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SO we've picked where were going to dinner for my birthday. (We being J & myself, and Anna & David) Hurricane's Grill. I've picked what I want to eat already (yes, I am that girl) and now I am having rouble with the cocktails menu. BECAUSE OH MY GOD. I CANNOT CHOOSE!

Wild berries soaked in vanilla & honey syrup, Chambord, charged with bubbles

Absolut vodka & Pomegranate Liqueur, served "Caprioska" style with smashed limes and
plump muscat grapes, sweetened with Hibiscus juice

Patron Anejo Tequilla, Gingembre Liqueur with roasted orange, lime and fresh ginger

Grey Goose vodka & Kahlua, shaken with vanilla bean and cinnamon syrup &
a shot of LAVAZZA espresso, served "Martini" style

A refreshing mix of Limoncello & Absolut Vanilia, sprayed with fresh lemon, finished with a burnt orange foam

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