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Something insane happened today.

No, really, it did. Maybe I should start it like this:
INTRODUCED in 1976, the Eagle Comic Awards are the comic industry's longest established awards, acknowledged as the pre-eminent international accolades.

The Eagles have been featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 30 years, unique in that they reflect the people's choice and comprise of two distinct stages.

The Eagle Comic Awards ceremony takes place as part of the London MCM Expo - London's Comic Con at Excel in London each May.

Well, it appears that Girls Read Comics Too got nominated for an Eagle award.

No, really, we did.

We're up for best Comics related website, and I am in shock, and totally awed. It's an honour, we're up against some huge sites, and we're pretty new. I mean, for a long time it was just Chantaal, and then the two of us rambling about whatever the heck we could think of. Since the start of the year the team has expanded and is awesome, but all I can think about is me going to [ profile] melloniel "Hey, you're going to let me write for your blog, cause it would be awesome and I know DC pretty well" fully figuring she would laugh at me and tell me no. Never mind all the weeks we went 'GRR ACK WHAT ARE WE GOING TO POST???'

What has developed is something totally awesome, and something we're all proud of. But there's a reason I'm stealing this gif from C cause it's how I feel!

Please, go vote if you'd like (it's question 27) and take a look at some of the nominees.
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Yes, it's a post about my ever evolving costuming and cosplay plans. So much to make, so little time.

First, an updated schedule of events:

July 24 Steampunk Picnic and ZigZag railway trip - revamp Steampunk outfit PHEW! One less sewing outfit. This is sister-wives day!

September 23-26 Gen-Con Oz (Brisbane - Cosplay - Mulan Disney Princess Superhero & Huntress)

October 1-4 Spring War
October 15-17 Melgeddon (Melbourne - Cosplay - Huntress & Charlotte from Princess and Frog & Powergirl from Adam Hughe's power of DC pic)

December 11 Gate to the Sanctuary

January 14-15 Twelfth Night (Canberra) - 14th C Italian Dress (that one or the Dragonfly Dress

February 18-21 Gallifrey (LA - Cosplay - Nyssa Black Orchid dress & Tegan Stewardess outfit) - Will likely end up staying about a week and having visits with peeps and a mini Deense-con, not exactly sure of dates. Must also have some basic sewing done so I can spend time with [ profile] silensy and work on her Steph Brown Batgirl)
February 26-27 Sydgeddon (Cosplay - Scandal Savage, Cheshire)

April - Brisnova (Brisbane - Cosplay - Mockingbird, Steampunk Ivy, Cheshire
April - Melnova (Redux of BLack Orchid Nyssa)


September 2011 (YES I LOOK AHEAD) Dragon*Con (Queen of Fables, Cheshire or Scandal Savage, and ???)
Will be doing a Deense-Con here too, and going to Disney World after.

Before I do any of that, I really need to finish John's tunics including embroidery, and make a dress for a girlfriend in the US! YAY.

Now onto the visual portion of our post! )

Think I have my work cut out for me?

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