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I'm so excited. It's my six2 birthday this year and I'm throwing an Alice themed party. AKA, I'm 36, and the chance to throw a kinda kids party for adults was just way too tempting. I'm dressing up as the red queen, and will likely spend all of next week madly trying to throw my costume together. Really, I have most of it, in that I have the corset and wig I want. I need to make a tulle skirt and get some tights and decide what top I'm wearing under the corset and I'm good. Friday night and Saturday morning before will be spent making foods with the help of the lovely April, and Saturday the 4th (my birthday is the 12th of February, but I'll be in Hobart on the actual day) there will be fun, frivolity, and off with her heads!

Anyway, every year I try to get a tattoo. This past year it was my lockheed, and the year before that I failed. This year has been a really big one. I've gone through a lot of shite, and come out in a place where I'm actually pretty alright with things, and am at a good place to move forward. I've been talking about getting a text tattoo for a while, and I am finally at the place where I know what I want, this:

It's a lyric from Stuck on a Moment by U2, and I've been sitting on it since December 2010. There are a few others I want to get right now, but currently this is the one that resonates and is important to me.

As with other years, I want to ask the people who are important to me and have been a part of my life over the past year if they want to donate a couple of bucks toward my tattoo as a birthday gift. If you do, I'll gladly pass you my bank deets if you're australian, or you can use paypal (yes, that evil thing, I know) here

If I get the money together I'll be adding an open birdcage and a flying bird to the image, but we shall see.

Alrighty. I promise I'm going to do a post of all the good things that have happened lately (and there have been MANY) tonight or tomorrow.
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For my lovely and wonderful [ profile] falco_conlon. Something cass shaped and plushie will follow in the mail in a couple of weeks sweetie.

until then have some pretty (slightly nsfw) )

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