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SO we've picked where were going to dinner for my birthday. (We being J & myself, and Anna & David) Hurricane's Grill. I've picked what I want to eat already (yes, I am that girl) and now I am having rouble with the cocktails menu. BECAUSE OH MY GOD. I CANNOT CHOOSE!

Wild berries soaked in vanilla & honey syrup, Chambord, charged with bubbles

Absolut vodka & Pomegranate Liqueur, served "Caprioska" style with smashed limes and
plump muscat grapes, sweetened with Hibiscus juice

Patron Anejo Tequilla, Gingembre Liqueur with roasted orange, lime and fresh ginger

Grey Goose vodka & Kahlua, shaken with vanilla bean and cinnamon syrup &
a shot of LAVAZZA espresso, served "Martini" style

A refreshing mix of Limoncello & Absolut Vanilia, sprayed with fresh lemon, finished with a burnt orange foam

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This is my last pitch for this as I'm going to try and get my ticket/tokens this weekend. But if you ever wanted to know what you should get me for my birthday (February 12) it's this! $9.50 to my Stargate Con fund!

Guest List:
Richard Dean Anderson
David Nykl
Connor Trinneer
Dan Shea
Christopher Judge
Ben Browder
David Blue
Claudia Black
Gigi Edgley (Sydney Only)

Holy crap guys. I'm at $554.12 already! Which leaves 395.88 to go. But OMG awesome and thank you!

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Every year there's a Christmas party made up of a large group of friends here. Most of know each other through our medieval society and very often the parties are themed. This year our party was held on a lovingly restored 1902 coal-fired steamship, the Waratah.

Appropriately it was a steampunk party.

For the Queen! )

For those who are interested, the full set is here
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I'm not an asking person. I'm a giving person. I love to send gifts to people and I hate to ask for them. But this is very special to me, so I'm overcoming my misgivings and I'm asking for your help.

There's a Stargate Convention here in March that I desperately want to go to. Details are here. (Richard Dean Anderson! First time in Sydney!!)

I would dearly love the $950 ticket, and there's no way I can afford it. However, as a combined Christmas/birthday gift I'd like to make a suggestion: donate $9.50 to my StargateCon fund.

I love that people want to buy me gifts, and I have always appreciated them. But this year, if you want to buy me a gift, I would love it if you would help me go to this convention.

If you can't or don't want to, I completely understand. But if you do I will always be appreciative.

And hey, a photo of me with Richard Dean Anderson!!

Holy crap guys. I'm at $554.12 already! Which leaves 395.88 to go. But OMG awesome and thank you!


Dec. 21st, 2009 11:06 am
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The Doctor Who and Torchwood books are very hit and miss. The DW ones always have been -- I read a bunch growing up and I still read them now. I find that they fall into one of three categories:
1) Really awesome and almost surprising
2) Two characters are written really well, the rest aren't, and overall it's not bad but I wouldn't read it again
3) Worse than the first fic I've ever seen leaving me wondering if I will ever get my two hours of time back it took me to read it, and also why they don't just hire one of the many decent fic writers out there to write the books instead.

Anyway, yesterday was spent recovering from the EPICNESS that was the steampunk party. During which I slept, lazed about in bed, and read two of the new Torchwood books I'd picked up. One was pretty good. Very Tosh and Owen centric and I enjoyed it. The other was.... Well, it had potential. The idea behind it was really COOL. but the book itself? Arse.

Let's just say that it had Jack Fucking Harkness riding a Fucking Flying Unicorn.

In fact, I have to share:

Jack surveyed the rest of the Stadium. The howling wind that had encircled the enclosed space was beginning ot loosen chairs and hoardings. But soaring toward him from the stand beyond the goalposts was another extraordinary sight. A Flying Unicorn.

The pale white coat was dappled green in the supernatural light. It seemed to toss his head at him as it approached. Jack clambered up onto the balcony rail, waited fort he amazing creature to pass and leaped onto its back.

He almost overshot. But the animal dropped its shoulder and swung around so that Jack was able to rebalance.

He sat well forward on the animal's withers, plunging his handsdeep into its silky mane and pushing his legs over the point of the shoulder to keep them cleat of the elegantly beating wings. He held on grimly as it veered into the wind and out over the centre of the stadium.

The unicorn shimmied right a little, then swooped through a sudden squall in the wind. Its legs kicked away the snatching branches of the alien trees as the hooves skimmed the canopy

ANYWAY. The moral of the story is listen to the big finish audios if you want better quality (overall) and only read the books if you are prepared for FUCKING UNICORNS.
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Something hit me recently. Which is that the Guild and Merlin both need to be added to my repetoire. Which means that Glinda and Kitty get bumped to the end of the year, but pffft. THESE COSTUMES ROCK.

Also? I need to make everyone for the guild video do you want to date my avatar
Cyd (aka Felicia, aka the white and red) = me Only cause if Im making a corset, it isn't for anyone else
Vork (aka the guy in green) = Karl(Melbourne)/Brenden (Sydney)
Clara (aka teal) = Ishie (melbourne)/Nadene (Sydney)
Tinkerbella (purple) = Kazzia
Zaboo = Mikey/Guy Brenden knows
Whilst I have no one to play Bladezz I feel it should be Kevin. Also, I think there needs to be a half dozen girls in the silver back up outfits.

Half will be out at Supanova, half at Armageddon. My dream is to get them all together.

As to the Morgana? I just want to make those dresses. So they boot out Glinda. Sigh. <333

Cyd aka Felicia The Guild!
Morgana dress 1 Morgana dress 2

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I know there likely aren't that many people on my FList who care about my costuming plans for the years, but here they are. 3 fandom/cosplay, and 3 medieval

pictures! )

Finally, there's my other steampunk idea. Which combines two dresses into an evening gown and adds a bunch of embellishment
Read more... )

Add to these SEVEN things, one, mebbe two outfits for another person I know *cough*[ profile] silensy*cough* and the repairs I need to make to my current garb and the fact that I'd love to make the Pieta dress as well (YEAR AFTER I TELL MYSELF), and it's a busy year!

I better start working on my schedule! :D
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I know all I've been talking about lately is the con and costuming. But it's a big thing! I picture costuming (and that includes SCA) taking a larger role in my life again. YAY! I had forgotten how much I loved it, and I adore getting the passion for it back.

But, before I do go back to other things, someone video'd me asking Christopher Heyerdahl a question. No, really, they did. WIN.

Also, two last photos. Oh, and I should mention that the whole set is here, many taken on my iphone.

can you believe we're the same two people? )

And now, far too late and before I discuss Wicked, I go to bed.
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Part of the gold pass was getting signed photos from the people there. I had gotten Paul's right before Joe's panel, and went to get Joe's right after.

Joe looked at Paul's in my hand, said 'can I see that' and grabbed it, adding something to it.

So I went back to Paul and he added something to Joe's.

pictures under here )

Boys. All I'm saying.
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I went to Armageddon in Melbourne this weekend with my Mark 1 Romana II outfit.

There were some issues. I need to sew straps onto the shoes so I have mary janes. I want to redo the crests so they're smaller, and I will redo the pinafore underneath so it's an actual gymslip.

Can I say that I put this on and immediately felt like Madeline. :D

I wish you could see the candy pins on the right lapel in the photos, but I was turned the wrong way.

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