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Yuletide recs! Just a few as I'm off watching Doctor Who and the archive is being patching.

I'll get to tv later, with the exception of my gift fic. This is comics, books and movies. :D

First there's my gift:
Now You See Me, Now You Don't
Warehouse 13, it's a Claudia-centric adventure, and it's absolutely perfect. Pete and Claudia are sent to investigate a ghost town, and things turn out- Well, just as you'd expect them. Well crafted story, great character voices and a lot of fun.


Turnabout - Birds of Prey/Secret Six. Helena Bertinelli and Thomas Blake. What more could I ask for? NOT MUCH, I tell you!

Of Shopping, Sleuths and Sharpies. Batgirl - a Steph and Wendy story with a bit of Nick that is just fun. A very good read, it captures Steph very well.

The Alot, The Tuit, Mrs. Gradgrind, Sophie and Me, Allie Hyperbole and a Half. Really, really awesome. I want to see this illustrated. LONG LIVE THE ALOT AND TUIT!

Relative Terms (or, Not Exactly Christmas Elves) Young Avengers. Christmas gifts gone wrong. A very sweet and very amusing Teddy and Billy story that features the others as well.

Ramona's Law of Reciprocal Actions. Or Ramona Quimby Age 17. It's awesome. Go read it. The writer's canon knowledge is amazing as is the story.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned from Science Fiction. Girl with the Silver eyes was a book I adored as a kid. I read it over and over. This story of the kids in a normal school is a lot of fun.

On Dover Beach History Boys (Adult). I have a huge soft spot for Dakin and Scripps. I love this story from Scripps' pov and I love that Dakin is still just as much a brat and not softened up for this fic.

Shadows History Boys. This is a lovely Dorothy Lintott and Scripps story set post movie. Really worth the read.

Bonnie Without Clyde Fast and Furious. Tells the story of how Brian and Letty came to work together in the fourth movie.
deense: Sinfest - dominate or not? (Yuletide penguin)
Dear Yuletide Penguin,

I'm sorry I didn't have this up when the requests went out. Sadly a family wedding meant four days in Tasmania, and that meant the appropriate offering of fishes and words was not left. I have remedied the situation, and hopefully you will find this pleasing.

In general: I'm a huge fan of characterisation. To me it's what drives the things that I love. Good characterisation will trump everything else, and a myriad of small sins forgiven if I get that. Wittiness is a plus, and I think that it's something all my choices have in common, a certain sense of humour and depth of character. I don't mind explicit fic - violence, sex, etc - but I do take issue with anything non-consensual.

Now, onto my fandoms:

Birds of Prey - Comic
Original Request - Helena Bertinelli, Barbara Gordon, Dinah Laurel Lance
To me these three are the core of the birds. They've been through some damn tough times, but they've always pulled back together. Beyond just teammates, they're friends, and I'd love to see something that highlighted that. Pulling in any other BoP members (or villians) wouldn't go amiss either.

Anything from a night off for the three of them, to a crisis in the field would make me happy.

Additional thoughts: I would like to say that you don't need to include all three of the girls in this, though it would make me ecstatic if you did. Helena is the one I love most, but they're all amazing characters in their own right. I am up to date on BoP, and Gail Simone is my favourite writer of them, as I find she just captures their attitude perfectly.

Alice - SyFy 2009
Original Request - Alice Hamilton, Hatter
What I would really love is a story about Alice and Hatter post mini-series. Him adjusting to Alice's world, their life, i'm pretty open. Who knows, maybe they even find another way back to Wonderland.

Additional thoughts: There isn't a lot I can add here. I love this miniseries, and I loved the interaction of these two from the very first moment. Anything you can give me will be appreciated!

Warehouse 13
Original Request - Claudia Donovan
Claudia is by far my favourite character at the warehouse. I'd love to see her in the field, or getting in over her head in the warehouse, or even being the one to come to the rescue. Any other WH13 characters you want to include, feel free.

Additional thoughts: Again, anything you can give me with Claudia is going to be awesome. I'd love to see her relationship with anyone at the Warehouse explored, or with her brother. I love how she seems so tough, but it's a mask a lot of the time. I've loved how she's grown and changed whilst being at the Warehouse, but still is Claudia - the quirky brilliant girl that fits in there no matter how awkward she might get at times.

Original Request - Abby Maitland, Connor Temple
I love these two, and how long it's taken them to realise that everyone else loves these two. Most of all, I love that they can be sometimes inept, and both fell into this field almost accidentally. They've learned a great deal and are much more competent now, but there are still times...

Either something carrying on from the finale of the last season, or something from earlier, the two of them stuck and having to sort things out on their own would be great.

Additional thoughts: I am so ecstatic we're getting a fourth season in 2011, but I'd like it now please! In lieu of that, something that showcases their dynamic would be awesome. They're great characters, and I miss them.

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