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My original story was written for writeleft in Spooks/MI-5. She'd asked for something that showed Tom and Zoe or Jo and Zaf, and I opted for the latter. It ended up being a story about one of Jo's first assignments without Adam, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

It has to be Jo (2342 words)
Fandom: MI-5 aka Spooks
Rating: G

My second story was a last minute pinch hit picked up with about 48 hours left. I'd looked through the list of who needed a story and saw someone had listed Friday Night Lights, wanting Lyla Garrity. You wouldn't believe my compulsive mailbox refreshing until it came up and I could claim it. It's set between season two and three, and it's a way that Tim and Lyla could've ended up together.

It's Different That Summer (1908 words)
Fandom: Friday Night Lights (tv)
Rating: G
deense: Sinfest - dominate or not? (Yuletide penguin)
I wrote two stories this year and I received two stories! Oh, the excitement and the glee. I'm thrilled with them both.

Fast Times, Past Times - Friday Night Lights. Tami Taylor reflects on her past. A really well done character study and it shows a glimpse of her past. Really well written and the detail is amazing. I love it so much.

Zen and the art of Maserati maintenance, or Five Times Charlie Crews' thoughts turned to love - Life. Charlie Crews and yay! Can I say Yay? 5 scenes elaborated on. I love it.

Yuletide wins again. Now it's time to start reading through the archive.

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