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My darling and my sweetheart. I've just sent in my canon update/npc child application. If it gets accepted than her update/and Sibby will show up on August 23 (the day after her wedding). If it doesn't, she's still getting married on the 22nd of August. She's so excited, and so am I. Her and Henri have been together for 19 months now. She was also attacked by a vampire recently, and is going to go back to taking self-defence, something she's let slide.

Her bridal shower/hens post is here. Please tag if you know her or Henri and I'll post it at the end of the month.


I worry that I don't do enough with Juno. She has the band (though it is down a couple members) and it's getting regular small club gigs. She has her roomie and her friends. She has sorta been on a date with Daphne, and Jess and I are seeing where this is going (and also a bit crap at playing it out)! She's decided not to go back college, that she likes what she's doing with the band and at the record store.

I need for her to reach out and make some new friends, as well as touch base with old ones.


John and she also discovered there are fictional versions of them and of Sherlock. It's thrown Mary for more than a loop than she'd like to admit, so she's not dealing with it. She's put it aside and is focusing on Evie, her job and on the murders happening around Darrow. I've done nothing with her nefarious lab ownership plot. I really need to get on that too, maybe in October.

Becca has this way of making me squeal with what she does. Currently John is at the Fight Club gambling and I love it. Mary, however, will not. It's something she's going to be so disappointed by when she does discover it. (I cannot wait)

She needs more friends. She needs to confront Flavia. She also needs to meet people who are parents as well.


New mother of twins, and they seem to be normal. For now. She needs more threads with Hermione, with Jennifer, and with other wolves/weres. She also needs to find some sort of nanny/helper, because she'll be going back to work soon. Clayton will HATE that. So that means I love it. >.> Sorry Lexie!

I'd love to do a homeplot for her, and am considering a canon update at some point. Brad gimme Savannah


He's going to have to go back to school this autumn and he's not going to like it. He has his elephant, and he's a dog who's adopted him - Montparnasse. He's considering setting up some sort of gambling ring. He's known at most of the pubs in town. I love playing him and I'm going to keep playing him exactly like I do.

Please, if you have crime or hijinks happening let me know. He will get involved. He will drag Flavia along with him. (Sorry Flavia)


Also a new parent! He is in love with Ellen, and I get so ecstatic at the fact he gets to raise his daughter. He hates when Claire wears trousers, he loves their house outside of the city and he loves his job at the stables. He wears his plaid most of the time, he went to fight club and he needs all the friends. He's a polyglot, so he needs to learn more languages! Meet magic people!

Soon I'll start giving him nightmares. He's content and that seems the best time to have this sort of thing happen.

Also, I need one of his gay friends to tell him they are so. So he can be forced to deal with his issues on that matter. It won't be easy. Thanks Black Jack.


So not only has Thea slept with one of Ollie's friends, she's been caught by him at Fight Club. They are going to have a conversation and hopefully some of their secrets will come out. If they do, then they'll have that to deal with.

The thing is, she likes Derek (as a friend at the least) but feels betrayed by him. She and Molly set up Fight Club (which was a huge success) and her friendship with Molly is one of my favourite things. Is working as a receptionist/office assistant at a casting/talent agency and it suits her.

Also needs to meet more people.


Thomas Hamilton

Damn you Black Sails and damn you Rupert Penry-Jones. He's such an idealist and won his way into my heart within seconds. He'll have a hard time with Darrow and a hard time adjusting. So I love it.

Octavia Blake & Lagertha Lothbrok

These two. Yes, I have a type. Kickass women ftw! It'll be October and November, as I'll be away for a bunch of September.

In other news: My cat is sick and I know she won't be around for very much longer. I may get super distracted and if so I'm sorry. I'm also away in the US from Sept 3-16. <3

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