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Indeed, it seems to be that time! Especially since I just came back off hiatus about a week ago and June needs must be reqs making month. This is the fancy no gifs no code version, cause it's late and I work at 6 am.

Tosh - Tosh is in a strange place. She has her boss and hero here (Jack) but she's just learned that everything goes VERY BADLY in the future, even if she doesn't have specifics. She has Owen... Sorta? As a friend yes but damn my and Angel's hiatuses need to not overlap at some point. She needs more connections in the city. I need a Torchwood rewatch, especially season 2. Anyone want to find her hunting a weevil? We never said there was just one >.>

Sybil - She's doing well. She likes Kaine far too much still. Someone come distract her? But she's finished a year of her nursing course, and will be working full time over the summer as a nurse's aide still and loving that. She has friends, and can always use more. She needs to get dragged out to a club or two, to have more fun things to do. I am likely going to be mean and canon update her in a couple months. Only to what point?

Sif - She's one of those odd pups. I have a hard time with her sometimes, and others I get that cadence down. I think I have a much better grasp on the balance than I have before, and in part I blame reading Journey into Mystery. BUT! She and Elijah still have a sort of non-relationship. Because sleeping with someone who once thought you were a god 1000 years ago IS NOT WEIRD AT ALL. She's working at the gym training women and running self defense classes still. Needs to catch up with students like Olive again. More supernatural people/capes. I always forget that she's supposed to be 6 ft tall, which is random and not THAT tall, except if you're a woman.

Tara - In a really great place. Working as a librarian at the main college. Doesn't trust Ursula, but doesn't have any reason to actively mistrust her either, other than that mistletoe spell which was more mischief. Wants to take Aggie under her wing. Is connecting with Buffy in a way she never really managed before. Spike is Spike, and she is happy he's here, she's always liked him. Currently Katherine is pretending to be Elena and HUNGRY FOR PEOPLE. Really hits it off with Eden who pulls her out of her shell. Her post is still wide open, btw.

Rebekah - Oh my. Well. Her stylist job is great, especially as she can compel people into buying what she wants and make excellent commissions. Slept with Damon. Exchanged blood with her brother (it's complicated). Outsnarked Buffy (heck yeah!). Needs to have a thread with Summer and Olive soon. Also Elena, Katherine, any other vampires... And more people.

Juno - She needs to go on a bit of a bender once the summer starts. Just do some crazy stupid stuff. Needs to run into Katie and the baby. Needs to not deal with this whole being trapped in the same city as her kid and why isn't there a Bleeker yet? Chris, please to be threading with Juno and going on a stupid party weekend that gets out of control and bad stuff nearly happens at the end of this period, scaring her a bit straight again.

Peeta - Was quiet, but the thread Laine and I were working on slowly came to amazing fruition and yes. Complicated. He's in the midst of buying her a ring. I blame Flynn. He needs friends. Seriously, he's lovely, you want your pup to be his friend. He needs to start painting again. I figure he's saved up money, he has that little cottage/house near katniss and prim, he's good. But the bad dreams don't leave him and he needs the painting to deal.

Riddick - HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh god. Why did I think this was a good idea? Don't get me wrong I LOVE playing him, but he's freaking hard. Needs to get in trouble in town. Should meet some capes at some point (he lurks around alleys and rooftops following Fry. It should happen). He and Fry are complicated. Met Andrea, and actually respects her. Is going to start getting Gotham memories in his dreams more frequently.

Queue - no one for about 2 months, but right now Margene (big love) is still on the list, as is Dyson (lost girl) and Kenya (defiance).
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I really never use this thing, do I?

This isn't a me update, but an RPG update for Darrow, aka the City, which you should all look into.

more about those characters I write under here )

Okay! There's a post I'll put up tomorrow for Juno. If anyone wants threads from mine, please let me know!

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