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Oct. 15th, 2017 09:02 am
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The proper grown-up blog I share with [personal profile] yiduiqie has been linked from some amazing places in the last month, and I just want to document it for posterity and ego boosting:
  • The New Yorker linked to our 2015 post about the sinister subtext of Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, that New Yorker. Ain't no thang. *hairflip*
  • (That article was then shared at BoingBoing, where the comments were filled with nerds taking our silly post very seriously indeed.)
  • BookRiot's crime fiction podcast discussed our post on why we're not supporting the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries film Kickstarter, and our earlier post (linked in our recent one) about the racism in the books and TV series, and how it's something that non-Australians seem to overlook.
  • The podcast included a wonderful bit where the hosts were like, "Well, these Australian ladies say the books are problematic, but we wanted to make up our own mind, so we read one each." But they chose the books at random, and had the misfortune to end up with Blood and Circuses, The One With The Infamous Clown Sex. (If you watched the series -- which I really love, when it's not being incredibly racist -- you should take a moment to appreciate the lack of clown sex. Really.) Anyway, they concluded that, yes, the books are very bad in terms of exotifying and othering people of non-Anglo backgrounds, but they're also just not well-written and ... bad. Which is fair. 
  • And The Monthly, an Australian publication whose essays and articles appeal to flat white-sipping inner-city lefties (so, me), linked to our first Discovery post in an article about angry, racist nerds complaining that Trek is "suddenly" appealing to an "SJW" agenda.
  • (I am extremely proud to get the word "feelpinions" into The Monthly, BUT I also wonder if my use isn't a bit defensive, ie, no one can accuse me of being emotional, irrational or otherwise a silly lady fan if I say it first. Am I putting myself at a disadvantage by emphasising that my posts are reactions, not reviews, and that my opinions derive from my emotions? On the other hand, what is television for but to elicit an emotional reaction?)
Finally, here is this week's Discovery post, which I almost didn't share because it wasn't wholly positive and ... IDK, I guess I've become protective of this ridiculous show, and don't want to play into the narrative of it being The Worst. On the other hand, it made some Bad Choices this week, along with some better ones. (And I note that the dude reviewers who have decried it as being The Worst really liked this episode, which only reassures me that I'm on the right track.)

[meme] test drive

Oct. 14th, 2017 08:00 pm
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Tag into this post with characters you're thinking of apping to the game (characters who are not currently in-game or currently reserved by someone else). It can be just a tag, a brief EP, whatever you want. You can be new to the game, or simply want to test out a fresh pup. Tag each other with these characters or those already in game, and have fun.

Also, please include the name of their canon somewhere in or on the comment or on their profile page.

MEME: Pups Meet the Muns

Oct. 12th, 2017 03:54 pm
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So here's the gist. Imagine a very large room filled with all of us, like a ridiculous sleepover party, at which, of course, we're all hanging out, probably on our computers, doing our thing.

Now imagine the door opens and our characters have found us. (How? Well, it's Darrow. They walked through the wrong door probably.)

Tag in as yourselves (mini top level style tag optional, but fun!), and then tag each other, whether as yourselves or with your various characters. I'm sure they've got a few bones to pick with us. In fact, feel free to top-level your characters as they wander around, too. Obviously nothing counts in game, and consider this open for as long as it stays fun.
Don't forget to keep checking back for new tag-ins!


Oct. 9th, 2017 02:15 pm
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School has entirely taken up all of my weekends, so I'm kind of taking it easy. I'm not trying for reqs this month and just trusting that I'll either end up with them by coincidence or Purge will take care of them. Or I'll just not hit reqs this month and the world will not end. I'm not planning on apping anyone in the near future and even if I were, I'm covered for the last two months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If anyone wants any of my pups for something, hit me up. I'm more than willing to thread, I'm just not seeking it out this month.

Will be possessed in the end of October and through the Purge period. If anyone wants their pup attacked/killed/whatever, feel free to hit me up on this one. I'm not entirely sure what havoc I'm going to wreck with her at the moment. She's probably going to maim Sweeney in someway, but otherwise she's open. Gannicus and Krem will eventually get her under control, heh, somehow, but then by early November she'll have been exorcised and spend November just recovering from that trauma.

Will start to notice his magic going awry thanks to the Unmaker. Right about now it's probably just spells taking more than one snap to go through, but by the end of the month his powers will be less controllable and more likely to produce completely different results from what was planned. I think Blue will be at the apartment sometime and help amplify his powers (Faye, is that still on?) but regardless of whether or not she's there, he is fully capable of causing an earthquake. SO HE WILL BE. And then he'll lock himself in the bathroom and think he's an awful evil being who can't be trusted.

Will be having nightmares thanks to the Unmaker plot, mostly about her torture I think, centering on Antonia, her sister. On the Purge day proper, she'll be wandering the streets and kind of observing, stepping in where she feels it necessary. She may or may not be having an ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny with Cassius.

I want to get her in trouble on the night of Purge but I have no idea yet how? I'm equally down for having her be saved or having her save someone. Or having her band together with people and they save themselves. Regardless, she's going to be out and about and sticking her nose into things she shouldn't. Ideas super welcome on this one.

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