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Yes, it's a post about my ever evolving costuming and cosplay plans. So much to make, so little time.

First, an updated schedule of events:

July 24 Steampunk Picnic and ZigZag railway trip - revamp Steampunk outfit PHEW! One less sewing outfit. This is sister-wives day!

September 23-26 Gen-Con Oz (Brisbane - Cosplay - Mulan Disney Princess Superhero & Huntress)

October 1-4 Spring War
October 15-17 Melgeddon (Melbourne - Cosplay - Huntress & Charlotte from Princess and Frog & Powergirl from Adam Hughe's power of DC pic)

December 11 Gate to the Sanctuary

January 14-15 Twelfth Night (Canberra) - 14th C Italian Dress (that one or the Dragonfly Dress

February 18-21 Gallifrey (LA - Cosplay - Nyssa Black Orchid dress & Tegan Stewardess outfit) - Will likely end up staying about a week and having visits with peeps and a mini Deense-con, not exactly sure of dates. Must also have some basic sewing done so I can spend time with [ profile] silensy and work on her Steph Brown Batgirl)
February 26-27 Sydgeddon (Cosplay - Scandal Savage, Cheshire)

April - Brisnova (Brisbane - Cosplay - Mockingbird, Steampunk Ivy, Cheshire
April - Melnova (Redux of BLack Orchid Nyssa)


September 2011 (YES I LOOK AHEAD) Dragon*Con (Queen of Fables, Cheshire or Scandal Savage, and ???)
Will be doing a Deense-Con here too, and going to Disney World after.

Before I do any of that, I really need to finish John's tunics including embroidery, and make a dress for a girlfriend in the US! YAY.

Now onto the visual portion of our post! )

Think I have my work cut out for me?
deense: Sinfest - dominate or not? (i make things)
I know there likely aren't that many people on my FList who care about my costuming plans for the years, but here they are. 3 fandom/cosplay, and 3 medieval

pictures! )

Finally, there's my other steampunk idea. Which combines two dresses into an evening gown and adds a bunch of embellishment
Read more... )

Add to these SEVEN things, one, mebbe two outfits for another person I know *cough*[ profile] silensy*cough* and the repairs I need to make to my current garb and the fact that I'd love to make the Pieta dress as well (YEAR AFTER I TELL MYSELF), and it's a busy year!

I better start working on my schedule! :D
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Festival, Friday
Berengar and Theuderic before court

War day and court (Sunday)

Bethan at the beginning of her laurel ceremony

Monday - Fighter Auction
Lily watching the tourney

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