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Dear Yuletide Penguin -

I am travelling overseas until the 16th of October and likely will not have time to update this letter with more details until the 18th. Please come back after that point for a more in depth letter. Til then my eternal thanks, and some basic details.

In general: I'm a huge fan of characterisation. To me it's what drives the things that I love. Good characterisation will trump everything else, and a myriad of small sins forgiven if I get that. In a lot of these fandoms wittiness is a plus, and I think that it's something all my choices have in common, a certain sense of humour and depth of character. I don't mind explicit fic - violence, sex, etc - but I do take issue with anything non-consensual.

I like AUs and alternate settings, enjoy Christmas fics and even crossovers. I adore flashbacks and history that we've never gotten to see. Honestly, I will love whatever you write!

The Requests

Batgirl (comic)
Original Request
I loved Steph as Batgirl. I especially love the big sis/little brother relationship she had with Damian. More of them solving crimes, or being semi-normal or even better - BOTH! A night of Steph enforced normality gone awry? The big guy getting them in trouble? Damian helping Stephie out of a bind? Waffles?

Feel free to include Babs, Cass, Nick, Wendy, pretty much anyone.

Additional Details
More to come!

Birds of Prey (comic)
Original Request
These are my terrible trio. My one true love in comics, the core Birds of Prey. Okay, I have many loves in comics, but they are up there. I love their friendship most of all. How they are there for each other both as capes and not. Bring these guys back together for a mission and include fun banter and my heart will be yours. Add in a bit of Zinda Blake and I'll divorce my husband in a jiffy.

Additional Details
More to come!

Defiance (TV)
Original Request
I know I've put both Kenya and Irisa there, but I don't necessarily need a story involving both characters. Though if you wanted to do that I'd be very happy too.

Both of the characters caught my attention and then my affection. They're strong, complicated, interesting women. I would love to see more story with them, either backstory before Defiance or their time in the city. Go wild.

Additional Details
More to come! (Quick note - I loved both the Nolan/Kenya and the Stahma/Kenya relationships, and I don't shy away from her job in any way either)

FF (Comic)
Original Request
Could you please give me a girls night? Perhaps a girls night gone horribly wrong? Similar to the Birds I think these are all amazing women. I would be happy with anything you did featuring them. The rest of the team is A-OK too.

Additional Details
More to come!

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