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Hi there oh great Yuletide Writer! This is the place that I'll expound on my original requests with a few more thoughts. That time is not now. I will edit this before requests go out. OOOPS! SLIGHTLY AFTER! SORRY!

In general: I'm a huge fan of characterisation. To me it's what drives the things that I love. Good characterisation will trump everything else, and a myriad of small sins forgiven if I get that. In a lot of these fandoms wittiness is a plus, and I think that it's something all my choices have in common, a certain sense of humour and depth of character. I don't mind explicit fic - violence, sex, etc - but I do take issue with anything non-consensual.

I like AUs and alternate settings, enjoy Christmas fics and even crossovers. I adore flashbacks and history that we've never gotten to see. Honestly, I will love whatever you write!

The Requests

Warehouse 13
Helena "H. G." Wells, Claudia Donovan

Original Request: HG has come very close to edging out Claudia as my favourite character in this show, something that I never thought would happen. I like that Claudia doesn't always trust her and I would enjoy seeing them forced to work together.

Additional Details: Both of these women are strong, even if Claudia hasn't always realised it. I've loved watching Claudia come into her own over the series, and HG obviously has known exactly what and who she is and dealt with any qualms about it a long time before. I'd love to see something where HG helps Claudia somehow, even if Claudia doesn't want or think she needs the help. I do like the other character in this show too, especially Artie, so if you want to include other people have at it.

Downton Abbey
Edith Crawley, Mary Crawley, Sybil Crawley

Original Request: The Crawley sisters are fascinating, and the possibilities of what I’s like to see are endless. It doesn’t necessarily have to feature all three sisters either, though I have listed them all. Perhaps a look at Carson and Mary and why they’re so close, something about the sisters growing up, a story from Sybil’s point of view showing what it was like being the youngest of those three or Edith's showing how hard it was being the least pretty/popular one, or something with Anna and her relationship with the sisters as a Lady’s maid. Even a current series story, though I know I've given all background. Any other characters you want to put in are fine, I love the entire cast and their quirks. Bonus points for Violet and her amazing snark.

Additional Details: I am up to date with show as it airs in the UK, so don't be afraid of spoiling me, going with the angst or dealing with difficult things. Honestly Sybil is my favourite of the sisters, but I love all three with all of their flaws and foibles.

Pushing Daisies
Charlotte Charles, Emerson Cod, Olive Snook

Original Request: I really enjoy Emerson's how did I get stuck with these crazies attitude. I'd love to see the three of them in the middle of some sort of mystery with or without Ned. Olive and Chuck having to rescue Emerson, or Ned, Emerson and Olive having to work together. I should also mention that Olive is one of my very favourite things in the show, and whilst I love Chuck and Ned together, I don't necessarily want a story focused on that.

Additional Details: I don't know that I have any! This show is whimsical by it's nature and I'd love to see that most.

Sons of Anarchy
Gemma Teller Morrow, Jax Teller, Tara Knowles

Original Request: What I would love is to see any sort of background story, it doesn't have to include all three characters. What happened with Jax and Tara the first time around? Gemma and Jax being mother and son and their brilliant yet difficult relationship, even Gemma and Tara at some point, including when Jax was in jail. That all being said, a study of the three of them, them trying to make it work, Gemma being overprotective of her family, Tara trying to take her place as Jax's partner and the female head of the club... Any of it would be wonderful.

Additional Details: Again, I don't actually have a lot to add. These three have a very intense relationship, and again they are all very flawed and often blinded by their own desires and what they think is best. They hurt each other intentionally and unintentionally but beneath that there is real love, no matter how broken and screwed up.

No matter what, Thank you thank you, thank you! I appreciate what you've done so much, and hope that you love whichever canon it is you've been assigned as much as I do.


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